Here you have a didactic activity fron "Caderno Verde (Sogama). The title is "Eco 

Christmas doesn't have to be a time of excess if you follow a few simple steps. 

This  didactic activity  from  "Caderno Verde" (Sogama) is intended for the students of 3 º cycle of primary. It works 
concepts related to responsible consumption, the three Rs (reduction, 
reuse and recycling), the decrease in food waste, the 
selective collection of different materials and domestic composting.

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Movie Chestnuts

Do you think that can exist a Chestnut Land somewhere?
And, if so, will there be movie screens?
And if there are, what movies will they show?

We invented a few titles of films that should be on a billboard in the cinemas of Chestnut Land.

What do you think?

MovieChestnuts by Slidely Photo Gallery


Peace Day

There a lot of things we can do with our mouth and with our hands to make the lives of others better:

But there are things we musn't do:


World Water Day

Can you imagine not having running water every time you go to brush your teeth or to refill your water bottle?
Sadly, that is the case for 783 million people around the world that do not have access to clean water.
 And that is a lot of people!

 What if you had to walk miles every day just to fill a bucket for water to drink that day? 
Women and girls can spend up to 25% of their time each day  going out and collecting water to share with their families. 
Something as simple as washing your hands, to help prevent you from getting sick, is difficult in some countries, since the people do not have clean water.  And it isn’t just ourselves we wash…we wash our fruits and vegetables too.
 And who else needs clean drinking water?
Not only our pets, but the cows, chickens and pigs that we raise for food.  If they don’t have clean drinking water, how healthy are they?
Cows and other animals drink A LOT of water.
  There is a great need around the world to have access to safe and clean drinking water, so we can all lead healthy lives
This year WWD will focus on the power that water and jobs have to transform people’s lives. 
Nearly all jobs are related to water.


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Forest Day

Forests are the lungs of our planet. They are not just beautiful, but vital for our survival: 

  • They purify the air and protect our climate
  • They are home to more than 80% of the terrestrial species of animals, plants and insects
  • They safeguard water and are the world's pharmacy

5 important things about forests:
  1. There are a number of different types of forests in the world, like rainforest, temperate forests, wetlands etc.
  2. Forests provide shelter and food to animals.
  3. From furniture to medicine, food to fresh water, forests are a source of almost everything we use every day.
  4. Deforestation is a big threat to forests. Trees cut to create farmlands, roads or buildings are destroying an important ecosystem.
  5. International Forest Day celebrated on March 21st gives everyone a chance to know about forests and  to protect them.

Take the forest quiz – How much do you know about forests and water? – and share your results on social media.


We are Rosalia ...

Rosalia de Castro is a famous Galician poet and writer.
She was born on February 24, 1837  and evey year, this day is conmemorated as "Rosalia Day".
The motto of this year is "I am Rosalía when/because  ..."
We wrote some of our thoughts in Galician, but we wanted to do it in English, too.
This is the result:



Welcome to a new school year
(video created by Royan Lee to welcome students and parents to a new school year)

And now, have some fun!
(a parody of )